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Utilizing the Traditional Chinese Medicine practices of acupuncture and herbal medicine, as well as therapeutic massage and nutrition, Art of Healing focuses on treating the whole patient, and the root cause of your disorder with acupuncture and manual therapy.

Our Philosophy

John Kunihiro


At Art of Healing, we optimize your health challenges, and make efforts to get you back to you again.

At Art of Healing we value the partnership with clients to address health challenges in a compassionate and proactive way. Our therapists work together with the individual to optimize their strengths and improve areas of vulnerability. This empowers people to access their ability to heal and live the life they desire. Our therapists are trained in a multitude of areas and our priority is getting to know the needs of individuals and developing personalized health plans to provide the best care possible to increase serenity and overall well-being. Our personalized treatments consist of acupuncture/ dry needling, multiple therapeutic modalities, as well as nutritional and herbal recommendations.



Michael Sakowich

Senior Therapist

Chinese medicine has always been intriguing to Michael Sakowich. During his teenager years, he began studying acupuncture and asian philosophy. Then at age 25, he steered away from a potentially a promising career in western medicine, and decided that Chinese medicine was the best path of healing. From that moment forward, Chinese medicine became part of Mikes life path.

Living in Colorado, he chose to study at Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder, Colorado. During his training, he was involved in a private mentorship with professor Michael Young for three years in Zen Shiatsu and Japanese meridian therapy.

After graduating, he started a private practice in Boulder, Colorado where he treated people of varying backgrounds and conditions, with an empahsis primarily in sports medicine and chronic pain. To better serve his patients, he attended a post graduate program in New York City at Tri State Acupuncture College. The focus of this program was on orthopedic medicine and rehabilitation and presented the traditional Chinese techniques that lays the basis of modern dry needling technique. This course also ignited Mike’s previous interest in the vast practices of Yin Style Bagua. Yin Style Bagua is a system of healing techniques through acuuncture and massage, as well as Qi gong practices that encourages cultivation of the body and mind through qi gong, meditation and it’s expansive system of martial arts. Michael has been practicing these techniques daily for the past 7 years.

Mike’s well rounded background and 11 years of experience makes him a skillful and trustworthy practitioner. He is excited to be part of the team at the Art of Healing which allows him access to help a wide range of patients. The idea of utilizing the wisdom and practicality of traditional medicine and blending the benefits of modern medicine is a model that is balanced and powerful. It creates an atmosphere that is professional, well rounded, and profoundly healing, and should serve as a model for a new path of modern medicine.

Mike uses a combination of Japanese and Chinese Meridian therapy treatments, dry needle technique and shiatsu. Mike has a strong belief that when acupuncture is combined with herbal therapy, while managing diet and lifestyle, integrative medicine has a potential for great transformations of the body.

When not treating patients, Mike enjoys spending his time with his wife Samira and exploring Atlanta and the surrounding area.

Joseph Sanchez


My name is, Joseph Sanchez, and I am here to aid, treat, and guide others in individual health
and well-being. I take a holistic view in understanding the root of illness and pain to bring about
transformative healing in one’s physical, mental, and emotional state. My background is in the
Traditional Chinese Medical, Martial, and Spiritual arts. I completed my training at the Academy
of Classical Oriental Science (Kootenay Columbia College of Integrative Health Sciences) in
Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. While attending I immersed my Self in study, practice and
self-healing. My training includes Acupuncture, Herbal Therapy, Moxabustion, Tui Na Massage,
Cupping, Gua Sha, and the ancient breathe and movement therapies of Qigong/Nei-Gong.

In the state of Florida I trained and worked with the Alchemist Recovery team to bring about
liberation from addictive tendencies and the physical, mental, and emotional pain that
accompanies such a life. I held group and individual acupuncture/meditation sessions where I
treated various ailments ranging from musculoskeletal pain, digestive disorders, auto-immune
diseases, trauma/abuse, and mental/emotional imbalances (addiction, depression, anxiety,
panic disorders, etc).

I am committed to each individual’s path towards a life free of pain in the body, mind, and spirit.
Acupuncture and body therapy are the tools I use to help each patient remember the freedom
their bodies have. At the Art of Healing I look forward to bringing about newfound space and
light in each persons life.

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Francine Choren

Herbalist and Acupuncturist

Francine Choren earned her BS in Human Physiology at the University of Oregon. As a McNair’s Scholar, she also practiced under the mentorship of renowned field experts Marjorie Woollacott PhD and Sandy Saavedra PT, PhD where she was able to publish her groundbreaking research on human development control through pioneering neurological assessment techniques.

Continuing her passion for helping others, Francine earned her master’s degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine campus in Chicago, Illinois. As a student, she furthered her outreach by working at community clinics, treating diverse groups of patient ailments including fertility, cold and flu, orthopedic injury, depression, and pain and stress management.

Francine is originally from Belo Horizonte, Brazil and is a second generation acupuncturist. Her father, also an acupuncturist, and mother, a healthcare professional, have shared over a decade of medical experience with her. Today Francine is dedicated to bridge the gap between Western and Eastern medicines, and chairs several committees and national initiatives working towards that goal. While her practice treats all types of conditions, her focus continues to be women’s health, mental health, stress management, and sports injuries.

Francine is a Nationally certified Herbalist and Acupuncturist, licensed in the state of Georgia and Illinois. She founded the Community Health Integration (CHI) Initiative and is an active member and contributor to the Illinois Acupuncture Association of Oriental Medicine (ILAAOM). Francine continues her development through partnerships with nationally recognized hospitals, participation in national and international seminars and fellowships. She is fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

Dr. Wesley Bandeira

Homeopathic Medicine

Dr. Wesley Bandeira is a world reknowned expert, teacher and interventionist who has mastered energetic and somato-emotional healing techniques through the study and knowledge of:

* EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing

* Brain Spotting

* EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques

* TFT – Thought Field Therapy
* Quantum Healing is the power of mind and conscience in the pursuit of integral health. We are energetic bodies, like all matter, and our individual bioenergetic systems are the basis for feelings of health or disease, physical or emotional pain, and body regeneration. Thus, any disturbance in the human body is energetic. If energy alignment is achieved, the symptoms subside. Treating the problems of the mind and body with regulation of the subtle energies helps to restore energetic balances for the whole person.
  • Acknowledged Physician in the Regional Council of Medicine in São Paulo and Brasília
  • Certified Therapist recognized by EMDR International
  • Receiver of the Honorary Citizen title in São Paulo, BR.
  • Recognized in the media the Medical Doctor of Artists and Politicians.
  • Experienced in public speaking and teaching for over 20 years.
  • Acknowledged coach in leadership.
  • Medical Doctor for 20 years with a well renowned clinic in Brasília.
  • Clerical Leader in both Brazil and USA for over 20 years.
  • Head of a Health Center in Brasília, BR.


Success Stories

Tiago Splitter

-Atlanta Hawks Basketball Player

“The treatment with Michael was very good. He has knowledge and great technique with needles. The combination of the pressure of his massage make me feel much better. The results is like night and day.”

T’ Erica


“My experience with Art Of Healing was the most amazing phenomenal time. The treatment the way they do its is truly an art with whole body experience for feeling that is its own journey. Its was amazing forth the time I stepped in to the door until the time I left feeling all love, warmth and peace.

I’m totally in love. This journey experience will resonate with me forever. I will be be back physically and to be honest I dont want it to end. Love Through … Truly an Art of Healing”

Kyle C.

-Musician, Atlanta, Ga

“After suffering from a debilitating pinched nerve in my back for several weeks I was told of Art of Healing through a friend and decided to give it a try. After only a few minutes of acupuncture I could feel the pain begin to dissipate. In combination with the therapeutic massage, the excruciating pain by which I had been held prisoner in my own body was alleviated. I can confidently recommend The Art of Healing with the highest possible praise.”

Tammy Allen


“I just wanted to thank you. I feel great today. I told my husband finding you was as good as meeting with the venture capitalist. I had almost lost hope of finding a quick fix for my neck. I love your zest and enthusiasm for life. I look forward to seeing you again next week. Thank you again”

Kathleen Kurre


“For years, my life included yoga, meditation and walking. And yet, I continued to feel the old and karmic patterns in my body and emotions. Walking into the Art of Healig, I felt the embrace of loving expansion. From that first day, Art Of Healing’s mastery of the healing arts and his compassionate intuition united with my wisdom and opened a new sense of well-being, integration and peace. I feel great. My body, emotions and spirit are light and flowing. What a gift!”

F Gault Robertson


“Art Of Healing’s healing expertise was recommended to me by a friend, and I have recommended them to my friends. At Art of Healing, I have received relief from pain, better sleep at night, and an improved walking posture. Art Of Healing has my respect as a professional, and as a person. I can easily recommend their services, and acknowledge they may use this comment on their web site”

Maria Kichler


“After over a year of trying to get pregnant my husband and I finally had success with IVF only to result in a miscarriage. At this point, my yoga teacher and friend recommended accupuncture with Art Of Healing as a way to not only get fertility help, but also to get myself back in balance. I called Art of Healing that week and I left my first appointment feeling better that I had in years. I had about 4-5 sessions over the course of a few months while still getting help from our fertility specialists. We welcomed twin boys into the world in November of 2010. I have no doubt that our success was due to the help I received from Art Of Healing. They focused not only on help for fertility but stress relief and overall health which absolutely contributed to our ability to get pregnant. I have since returned to treatments with Art Of Healing to help ease back tension (from carrying two babies around all day) and to continue promoting overall health and balance in my body. I have and will continue recommending Art of Healing to friends and family.”

Laura Jean P., M. S., Ph.D.


“I’ve been going to Art Of Healing for about a year and half now, and cannot say enough positive things about them. I was referred to them by friends as an adjunct to all of the other things I do and as a mechanism to keep my body pain free and at full capacity. I’ve had a hip replacement for over 10 years and enjoy intensive daily exercise – spinning, weightlifting, Pilates; and when I’m not doing that I’m off hiking mountains somewhere in the world or taking on a new active adventure. I have been so impressed with Art Of Healing as a true healer – they have a gift, and one that is tangible and effective. They seems to know exactly what to do to address whatever may be manifest in my body consciously (on occasions when I have an ache, twinge or knot), or subconsciously (since I go to them routinely as a preventive measure). They are incredibly adept at so many different approaches to healing – acupuncture, massage, dry needling, stretching – – and will readily apply what they believe to be the most effective for the individual. In addition, their positive attitude and spirit and passion for helping people shines through and makes it a joy to be a client!”

Robert W.


“Back pain can immobilize you and I have suffered the agony of back problems since I was in my twenties. I am fairly active, cycling 100 miles a week, which stops altogether when my back flares up. Long ago turned to massage therapy to get me out of these problems. However, when I connected with Art Of Healing about ten years ago and knew pretty quickly that this was more than just a massage. Here were people that seemed to know how to deal the problem instantly and in depth. At times I have arrived at Art Of Healing in such torment, finding it difficult to get out of my car, but, after a session of deep work I felt like a kid again. My body was supple, loose and I was totally free of pain. Art Of Healing’s skill and knowledge gets me back into my life. They are brilliant therapists.”

Laura H.


“I started going to Art Of Healing for help with what was fast becoming a serious problem with muscles in my neck, shoulder, and upper right arm locked. Art Of Healing started me off with several sessions of Dry Needling along with Shiatsu, followed by Acupuncture sessions as my muscles became more accessible. I feel my problem was serious. In the 10 years I have been practicing yoga, I have never experienced anything like what happened to me. I feel fortunate to have found Art Of Healing and highly recommend Them. They are simply the best at what they do. The Art of Healing studio is charming, from the pond in front with beautiful gold fish to the beautiful bamboo in back. It is obvious Art Of Healing has poured themselves 100% into creating an atmosphere of healing and calmness. Did I mention that their massages are to die for?”

Martha T.


“I would highly recommend Art Of Healing as miracle workers! I had been suffering from diarrhea 3-4 days a week for a year when I saw Art Of Healing first. I had been to a gastroenterologist and undergone several tests that ruled out different ailments. The diagnosis I received was Irritable Bowel Syndrome, but I had not received any relief from my symptoms. I was at my wits end when I started seeing Art Of Healing. They employed acupuncture mainly, but also used dietary suggestions, massage to name a few of the treatments in their “bag of tricks”. After seeing Art Of Healing for two months the symptoms stopped. I have now been diarrhea free for three months!”

Jennifer Rosenfeld


“Adhesive Capsulitis Shoulder (aka Frozen Shoulder) was cured with Dry Needling!

I have known John Kunihiro for over 10 years as a massage therapist, but not until the first week in December 2011 did I try his dry needling to help resolve a major shoulder injury I had been experiencing since September 2011 (due to a sports related injury – possible shoulder/bicep micro tear from golf). Starting in October 2011 I had been completing physical therapy weekly for what was originally diagnosed as a rotator cuff tear, but after 6 weeks I saw no improvements; in fact my condition was getting worse. At my 1st appointment with Art Of Healing at the end of November 2011 I had extremely limited range of motion, and experienced severe pain (shooting throbbing aches from my shoulder joint) when I: brushed my hair, put on deodorant, closed my car door, fastened my seat belt, nor could I lift my arm above shoulder height. I was in extreme pain sleeping in almost all positions. They immediately diagnosed me with “Frozen Shoulder” which is a different diagnosis than I thought I originally had. They told me they had success in treating this symptom with other clients. This diagnosis was confirmed when I finally was seen by an Orthopedist MD.

I sought Art Of Healing’s treatment on a weekly basis for 6-8 weeks, and every week I saw remarkable improvements with my range of motion, and decrease in pain from basic movements. Within 6 weeks, I was back to 95% range of motion with very minimal pain sensations (after also trying a cortisone injection in my shoulder joint). I could not be more pleased or relieved I took a “risk” and tried a non-conventional approach to healing my shoulder injury. He even recommended excellent stretches and swimming therapy to continue by healing weekly. I would highly recommend trying dry needling with Art Of Healing.”

Robin D.


“Art Of Healing was the answer to many prayers. They are Physical Therapists and an Acupuncture Practitioners. Where Western Medicine and Physicians had kept me alive, and for that I am eternally grateful, they had taken me as far as they thought I could go. But Art Of Healing knew differently. When I first met the people at Art Of Healing, I could not walk without assistance, I could not stand up straight, and I experienced tremors in both hands and arms. After two months of being treated twice weekly. I now stand erect nearly 100% of the time, can walk unassisted, and my tremors are far less severe.

Months ago I was on the Internet searching for some kind of miracle or magic pill. Information regarding Acupuncture kept surfacing. I investigated going to The Mayo Clinic, and I learned, via Internet, that they had studied Eastern Medicine for 20 years, and had started performing Acupuncture at all three of their locations. Then a friend from the FBI was prescribed, by The University of Virginia Medical School, Acupuncture. He told me that it really worked. And my Aunt, who had a knee replace in Charlotte, NC, was referred to an Acupuncturist to relieve pain. Then one day, out of nowhere, an acquaintance said what good things she had heard about Art Of Healing. We met and the pieces just fell into place.

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and that includes the people we meet. I am very grateful for meeting the people at Art Of Healing. I thank God for placing them in my path. They are truly the best, and possesses such positive energy. Miracles can happen. I ‘m living proof.

With GOD’s help, Art Of Healing has helped me to see light at the end of this long journey toward wellness. I just wish I had met them 2 years ago. Sincerely yours. Robin D.”

Today with his positive attitude He is able to walk to & almost normal, tremor decreased 80%. He is able to swim, work out everyday, Yoga, and even drive by himself. Thank you God for his wisdom, and his great way to put wonderful people like Robin to make my work to be so graceful. — John Kunihiro

Elizabeth Donley


“I had my first session with Dr Wesley. I have worked with some OUTSTANDING wellness practitioners – have engaged in many profound types of personal, emotional growth work. After my session with Dr. Wesley I was left speechless, tender and expanded in my heart, quiet in my busy analytical mind. I experienced correlations I was never present to in my way of relating with my father, myself, and in intimacy. Being stunned into presence to this experience, and reality will no doubt create a shift in – everything! I am aware there is a difference between – having awareness, and actually responding to life events and relationships – in a radically different way – I have no doubt this is happening now. Grateful.”

Sylvia McDonald


I’m a 50-year-old former competitive distance runner (41 years), business owner and mom of 3 teenagers.  

I first went to AOH because I was in severe pain in the top of my back, neck and shoulders.  It was the day before I was leaving with friends, driving to Washington DC for the Million Woman March (January 2017).  I wasn’t sure I could sit in the car for 11 hours, much less walk all over DC for 12+ hours the following day.  I had previously gone to a PT for dry needling, and knew it helped this pain considerably, however my PT wasn’t available on short notice….

I asked a doctor friend if she knew anyone that did dry needling and she referred me to Art of Healing practice, so I called immediately.  They saw me the same day and I received acupuncture with electric stim (all new to me) plus dry needling.  It was amazing!  After an hour there, I felt enough relief that I could go and fully enjoy the 4 days with my close friends (plus a million new friends!).  I’ve continued to see AOH on and off for the past 6 months and have referred several of my friends and colleagues.  When I walk through the door and smell the aroma of the atmosphere, I immediately feel calm(er).  During the past 6 months, I’ve experienced almost all the services that AoH offers and can truly say that I feel much better every time I enter/leave their location!  My analogy is that of the story of the lion with the thorn in his paw.  It feels like I’ve had a nagging thorn removed every time I go!  The other part I love is that John’s dog is usually there, and even the dog gives off a Zen feeling when he sits down next to me and gazes at me with his 2 different colored eyes (blue/brown). He’s a calming factor for a woman whose nick name is “Type A” and I need all the calming help I can get.  I highly recommend AOH and have referred many people and have also given massage and acupuncture gifts to others (one being my 6 day/week swimmer daughter). “



“Michael Sakowich at Art of Healing has helped me gain much better movement in my stiff neck and overall improvement in the body. I feel each day much happier to be able to move and pain free. So happy I found them!!!!!”