AOH Core Transformation

Under optimal conditions, our physical, emotional, and mental experiences tend to be processed by our brains in an information processing system. This system facilitates the links of pre-existing memories (or energy) to similar experiences one may go through. A child won’t touch a stove because he or she was told not to, but more likely, because he or she touched it once and felt the pain. The brain works in a very similar fashion. We freeze once we see ourselves before situations that have hurt us in the past.

Traumatic life experiences can be encoded as bad memories, or harmful energy. Once the “memory network” is impaired, one’s body’s energy suffers all forms of of a traumatic event. The individual freezes when faces with situations akin to the traumatic memory. He or she feels trapped at the core of their trauma, and that is the real causes of emotional and physical diseases.

Negative emotions and many physical problems are simply condensed information in the form of energy. This energy creates distress by controlling negative emotions, body problems, and subsequently our affecting our behavior. The Core Transformations Therapy addresses the fundamental cause of these problems, balancing both the patients’ mental and physical energy systems. This balance is what will lead to ultimate healing.

The Core Transformation Therapy is an integrative approach and a highly effective, non-invasive, healthy alternative to long term treatment, or drug- related psychotherapy. It is a system that facilitates healing as it accesses and resolves the root cause of ailments through a combination of thoughts, voice, awareness and one’s meridian system.

Whether the patient is seeking emotional or physical healing, the Core Transformation Therapy promotes balance to the body’s energy system, allowing it to eliminate most negative feelings and emotions, while promoting the body’s natural healing abilities.

The stimulation of acupuncture points and nerve endings seems to have a direct effect on the way the brain processes information. As a result, the patient enters a state of pure awareness of who and where he or she is right at the moment. call it a state of “presentification.”

Think of it this way: certain areas of the brain are trapped in the past due to traumatic events. The Core Transformation Therapy naturally induces the brain to produce strong energy waves that lead the patient to a relaxed state of mind. This relaxation comes along with the clear awareness that he or she is no longer trapped in the traumatic event. This realization allows the body to naturally heal physical and emotional distress and illnesses.

This is a versatile therapy method is and has been successfully used on the most difficult problems and deepest traumas. It has nothing to do with esotericism, mysticism or any religious dogmas. It is a purely a scientific branch of Physics and Quantum health, directly working on one’s physical, mental, and emotional energy.

What to Expect in a Typical Session of Core Transformation?

Please note that each session is different and adapted to reach the patient’s intentions

  • We start with a brief dialogue to identify the problem, the negative belief source and its triggers. We will always be considerate of the patient’s intentions and wellbeing.
  • The patient will have a time of relaxation with bilateral stimulation to bring your consciousness to the present moment and open the internal orientation
  • Bilateral stimulation, personalized tapping in certain points of the body, valuing thoughts and feelings, along with seeing involuntary body movements lead the patient to feel enlightened. That’s when the healing begins.
  • Usually, patients feel strong sensations and rising emotions, followed by an almost immediate state of relaxation. However, you had something trigger in your past, would be desensitized in your conscious. The rest assured you will always be in control of the treatment and your own feelings.
  • Finally, the patient feels great relief and the beginning of a new journey starts. This Journey open the freedom to be able to function in life in different ways in amazing path. The PAST don’t dictate your decisions; the present would be a new optimization to a brilliant future.